About Us


Technical Department of Commerce Techno trade , Techno Trade-based company with a team of experienced and committed to buy set as active in the field of engineering, procurement and requirements for oil and gas, petrochemical , power plants pipelines and other related industries, their technical services complete package or in the case of projects and industries in the form of monetary and foreign exchange contracts from European manufacturers, American and Japanese suppliers and would import.


The company is active in two main categories:

  • import and supplying all kinds of pipes, fittings and flanges, industrial valves, control valves and Safety valves, sheet types of ironwork Industry
  • import and supplying a variety of instruments, instrumentation, control, and a variety of equipment specialized electrical and abilities done by experienced engineering team


This group consists of the Engineering Company Techno Trade and Technovin Tejarat company that aims to create the perfect chain of the materials industry has been established to provide.